Ceetrus is taking the winners of the ECO-CITY 2018 competition to Romania

05 October 2018

Ceetrus Poland was a partner of the ECO-CITY 2018 project, under which the Innovative ECO-CITY 2018 conference was held and funded of one of the prizes in the ECO-CITY 2018 competition. Laurence Paquet, the Managing Director of Ceetrus Poland, and Andre Decroix, Director of Investment and Development, awarded prizes in the category Urban Greenery and Air Quality.

At the award ceremony, Ceetrus representatives were accompanied by Pierre Lévy, the ambassador of France in Poland, and Maria Andrzejewska, the director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. The prizes were awarded to the cities of Zabrze and Złotów. Their representatives will visit the smart city Coresi, which Ceetrus is developing in the Romanian city of Brasov.

Zabrze was awarded for activities related to the development of urban green areas, including a comprehensive reclamation of 183 ha of heavily degraded post-industrial areas. Over 8,000 tonnes of waste have been removed, 100,000 m3 of land has been purified from petroleum waste, and over 30 thousand trees and shrubs have been planted.

In the case of Złotów, the judges were impressed by their project of developing urban greenery “The Clean Air Factory”. The project involves creating new spaces with planted trees and greenery which make the urban space more attractive, contribute to the improvement of air quality, and increase biodiversity.

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the ECO-CITY 2018 competition.