Galeria Bronowice connects music lovers

05 October 2018

The next edition of Vinyl Swap will take place in Krakow’s Galeria Bronowice.

Ceetrus Poland is implementing the Vision 2030 project each day in its commercial facilities. Its goal is to create sustainable, intelligent and vibrant places focused on its visitors. Therefore, Ceetrus Poland is holding various events addressed to local communities in its shopping centres, connecting people with similar interests and passions. One of these events is Vinyl Swap organised annually by Galeria Bronowice.

The next edition of Vinyl Swap will take place in Galeria Bronowice on October 7. During the event, fans of vinyls, CDs and tapes will have the opportunity to buy or swap records. About 100 exhibitors and collectors, including from abroad, are expected to attend. We are certain that every visitor will find something for themselves, regardless of their age. The event will not only be an opportunity to buy records, gadgets, books, sheet music and record players, but also a place for interesting conversations about music and other topics.

- We are really looking forward to the next edition of Vinyl Swap, which is an important event in our shopping centre. It’s not only a great opportunity to buy new vinyls or find rare copies, but also to discover new sounds and people - says Aleksandra Rzońca, director of Galeria Bronowice.

Vinyl Swap is a cyclical event taking place in Krakow’s Galeria Bronowice since 2014. It was awarded at the Retail Awards 2016 of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres in the category of Public Relations Campaign.