The new interior of the Auchan Żory Shopping Centre

08 January 2019

Ceetrus Poland has completed the modernisation of the Auchan Żory Shopping Centre. Customers can now use the renovated, modern spaces, including the restaurant area, the parent’s and children’s room, the shopping arcade, and the restrooms. The new interiors expresses the mall’s motto - “Shopping is your element”.

Changes to the Auchan Żory Shopping Centre can be noticed from the entrance to the building. The shopping arcade’s floor and lighting have been replaced, and the walls have been painted in bright colours. The interiors are now more modern and better illuminated, and feature leisure areas with comfortable furniture. To meet the needs of families visiting the Shopping Centre, the interior design and the equipment of the parent’s and children’s room have been improved. Changes have also been introduced to the arrangement of the restaurant area, where customers can eat a meal in comfort and spend time with their loved ones. The area now includes comfortable furniture and tables. The new interior design features wooden elements and colourful upholstery.

The inspiration behind the new interiors was the name of the town, probably originating from the word “żar” [“heat”], and the motto of the Shopping Centre - “Shopping is your element”. The design consists of the four elements of nature, which are represented by the following colours: red (fire), yellow (air), blue (water), green (earth). The colours mix together and indicate particular areas, e.g. the relaxation zone, the entrances, and the restrooms.