Tatuum as a new tenant of auchan shopping centers

In mid-November, the portfolio of the tenants of Ceetrus Polska was expanded by the Tatuum brand. The first salon of this brand was opened in the Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center.

We are creating a new urban structures

As a global urban player Ceetrus wants to create new, vibrant places combined with local urban spaces and provide innovative services and develop the social links that will animate the city of tomorrow.

More facilities and new interiors in three shopping centers in Poland

In July Ceetrus Poland has started the modernization of three facilities: Auchan Produkcyjna Shopping Center, Auchan Bielany Shopping Park and Auchan Żory Shopping Center.

New: Vision, Aims and Challenges

Our goal is to create mixed-used projects, combining retail, housing, hotels and offices. We want to carry out the projects which create a new urban structure and will be related with local communities – sais Laurence Paquet

Ceetrus supports local activities of its Shopping Centres

Can business and good relations with local community go hand in hand? It is possible and proven by Ceetrus, a company, for which balanced development is extremely important and is one of the pillars of company’s development…

Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Centre with O!Shopping quality sing

By the end of March, Ceetrus finished expansion of Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Centre in Białystok. This is yet another object in company’s portfolio with O!Shopping sign.

New space and modern technologies

The expansion of Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Centre in Białystok is coming to an end…

Ceetrus is the commercializer of former Real stores – presently commercial objects with Auchan hypermarket.

Ceetrus offers rental of stores in 15 more commercial objects with Auchan hypermarkets, located all over Poland…

Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre with new O!Shopping quality sign

O!Shopping is quality sign that will be implemented in Auchan Shopping Centres in Poland.