Auchan Shopping Centers with fast electric car chargers

26 March 2019

By the end of the year, 12 fast GreenWay charging stations will be installed at Auchan Shopping Centers. As a result, customers will be able to charge their cars 24 hours a day, and the GreenWay network will gain new, attractive locations.

Currently there are 9 fast electric car chargers operating at Auchan Shopping Centers managed by Ceetrus Poland. New GreenWay devices - fast DC chargers - will be installed at Auchan Shopping Centers in Bielsko-Biała, Żory, Mikołów, Sosnowiec, Wałbrzych, Piaseczno, Białystok, Rumia, Warsaw and Płock. In addition, two AC chargers will be available in Krasne near Rzeszów. Charging a 40 kWh vehicle battery to 80 percent takes approximately 40 minutes. During this time, drivers and passengers can do their shopping, visit our service points, or relax and eat a meal.

- In order to improve the comfort of our customers, we are constantly introducing new features in Auchan Shopping Centers and their surroundings. For the owners of electric cars who visit our facilities, we have decided to expand our cooperation with GreenWay, a leading operator of fast electric car charging stations. This solution will soon be introduced in more of our shopping centers - says Cezary Smektała, operational director of Ceetrus Poland.  

Expanding the cooperation of both companies by adding further locations is beneficial for both parties. Thanks to this, GreenWay is growing its network, while Ceetrus not only improves its offer, but also promotes electromobility.

- By expanding our cooperation with Ceetrus Poland, we are increasing the range of our charging network. Auchan shopping centers are excellent locations for our chargers - says Rafał Czyżewski, President of GreenWay Poland. - They are conveniently located and have adequate facilities that drivers value.