Ceetrus consults its plans to expand the Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center with residents

30 April 2019

Ceetrus consults its plans to expand the Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center with residents

The Ceetrus Poland team developing a project to expand the Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center invited neighbours of the facility to meeting on April 25.

The representatives of the investor presented a project of transforming the Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center into a modern, multi-functional shopping facility. The planned investment, Galeria Piaseczno, will include a cinema, restaurants and cafes, as well as a wide range of entertainment and recreation facilities. The three-storey Galeria Piaseczno will be a friendly place where residents will be able to spend their free time.

The Piaseczno residents present at the meeting had the opportunity to learn more about the details of the modernization of  the property and the expansion plans. The Ceetrus Poland team also showed how the renovated facilities will fit into the surroundings and local development, and also presented additional elements of the investment requested by the Tulips Association.

Ceetrus representatives discussed in detail their solutions for the organisation of  circulation, deliveries, waste disposal and emphasised that the proposed solutions take into account the principles of sustainable development and concern for the safety of surrounding communities.

After the presentations there was a discussion about the project, and representatives of Ceetrus Poland answered the residents’ questions.