Ceetrus Poland announces a new multifunctional investment in Piaseczno

10 August 2020

Ceetrus Poland, a developer, investor, co-owner, commercializer and manager of commercial facilities is working on a new investment in Piaseczno. It will be the significant mixed-use development project implemented by the company in Poland. The new urban quarter surrounded by Puławska, Energetyczna, Mleczarska and Sękocińska Streets will be a friendly space for living, work, entertainment, spending free time and shopping. Its multifunctional character permit future residents fulfill its everyday needs in place and safe their free time on travels to Warsaw. 
- The phrase “with citizens, for citizens” is not just only the claim of our company. It drives our business and in the case of Piaseczno, describes the unique character of our development project. Together with the facilities that are already present in this area, we want to create the place that will serve the residents and provide them with all the functionalities they require. Therefore, within the complex there will be recreation space that is expected by the inhabitants of Piaseczno, as well as entertainment facilities, including a cinema. It will be the first investment of this type designed by us and implemented in Poland – says Jean-Christophe Bonnois, Development Director at Ceetrus Poland.   

Easily accessible offices, entertainment, restaurants, and shops

As part of the investment planned by Ceetrus from the side of Puławska Street, a complex will be created with entertainment and catering functions, including a cinema, a spacious restaurant area, as well as a customer-friendly commercial part. Office buildings and a hotel will be located from the side of Energetyczna Street. Along Mleczarska Street, the residential buildings will be built with 300 flats of various sizes. 
The complex of buildings planned on the axis of Puławska Street whose architecture is to constitute the new city gate, were presented by Ceetrus to the City Hall as an optimal location for public administration, headquarters of institutions and companies, and an investment providing new workplaces.

Sustainable and citizens–friendly space

Large green spaces, parks and gardens, including on roofs, modern energy solutions in the field of sustainable development, and reduced traffic will guarantee comfort for visitors. Numerous recreational spaces are planned around the complex, such as educational paths, and places to rest and meet.  
The total area of the investment is 11 hectares, and the total usable area of the complex will amount to 71,000 m2. In the first stage of construction, facilities with entertainment, catering and commercial functions will be built. Ceetrus plans to use modern, environmentally friendly architectural solutions and will apply for prestigious industry certificates during the construction stage. 

The formal steps

All functions in the first phase of investment project - a multifunctional center and offices - are in line with the local zoning plan. The urban context and advanced architectural concept have already been approved by the Architecture Department of the Piaseczno Commune Office. Currently, Ceetrus Poland is working on the architectural design.