Ceetrus Poland at CSR 2020

01 October 2020

The CSR Fairs are the largest event in Poland devoted to responsible business and sustainable development. This year’s 8th edition of the event will be held on 5-9 October online, and Ceetrus Poland will present its CSR strategy and selected projects as part of the virtual pavilion of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce.
During the 8th edition of the CSR Fair, at the virtual Ceetrus stand within the pavilion of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP), visitors will find out more about the main points and ways of implementing the company’s sustainable development strategy, based on two pillars: C- T+ Carbon Neutral and Territory Positive. The first is a response to the ongoing climate change, the second – to the needs of local communities. Ceetrus limits the carbon footprint produced by both commercial facilities and employees, implements biodiversity activities, and limits the consumption of utilities.

Through various events organized in shopping centers and malls as part of the “Good Neighbour” program, Ceetrus wants to integrate and involve the local community. Details can be found in the “Ceetrus Poland Sustainable Development Report for 2019”, available at the stand in PDF.

Visitors to the virtual Ceetrus stand will also be able to find a variety of materials on selected topics described in the report. They present the company’s activities related to ensuring gender equality in business, increasing the biodiversity of areas around commercial facilities by planting various species of shrubs and grasses, as well as trees that can be used by birds during migration, and supporting electromobility. Ceetrus Poland is proud to have installed 18 electric car chargers in its shopping centers and malls.  

The assumptions of the CSR C- T+ strategy are reflected in all areas of Ceetrus Poland’s activity, including new projects. During the CSR Fair, there will also be information about two multifunctional investments planned by Ceetrus – Wilanów Park in Warsaw and a project in Piaseczno.

Visitors will also be able to chat to members of the CSR team – Agnieszka Gutowska, marketing director, communication and CSR leader, and marketing managers of galleries and shopping centers: Dagmara Michalec, Agnieszka Parchimowicz and Adam Kozioł.

The main platform for information about the course of the event will be the website:
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