Ceetrus Poland is the strategic partner of 7. edition of Eco-Miasto Project

13 December 2019

Ceetrus Polska for the second time supports the Eco-Miasto project, which aims to promote the idea of sustainable urban development. The company will fund prizes in the competition for the cities and will co-organize workshops for representatives of local authorities in Q1 2020. The experts from Ceetrus will take part in the discussions during the international conference which will take place in March 2020.

Sustainable development is an important part of Ceetrus Poland’s strategy. The company carry out that the activities carried out under various projects have the least impact on the natural environment, and also contribute to the development of regions and local communities.

– In our business activity Ceetrus follows such values as cooperation, care, innovativeness and commitment. Mean over in our logo there is a claim “With citizens, for citizens”, which shows how important in our business strategy are dialogue and cooperation with local communities. That’s why we are eager to join initiatives that promote values important to our company – highlights Agnieszka Gutowska, marketing director, Communication & CSR Leader at Ceetrus Poland.

– We want to share good practices and knowledge, especially in the field of shaping and designing spaces and objects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. That is why we decided to once again support the Eco-Miasto project – ads Andre Decroix, Director of Development, Promotion, Construction

Ceetrus Polska as a strategic partner of the Eco-Miasto project will fund prizes for representatives of two cities, who will be awarded for activities in the field of green infrastructure.