Ceetrus Poland is working closely with the Mam Marzenie Foundation

28 October 2019

Ceetrus Poland and its employees enjoy taking part in initiatives supporting those in need. Such activities are organised by the Mam Marzenie Foundation, with which Ceetrus has signed an agreement for the next year.
In the coming months, Ceetrus Poland plans to further cooperate with the Mam Marzenie Foundation and make children’s dreams come true. In this way, it wants to support children struggling with serious illnesses.

– We believe that this is a good way of giving sick children moments of joy, as well as more strength and energy to fight for their health – says Agnieszka Gutowska, Communication and CSR Leader at Ceetrus Poland.

As part of its cooperation with the Foundation, Ceetrus Poland has already fulfilled several children’s dreams, including eleven-year-old Damian and high school graduate Paulina, who received electronic equipment. We also helped Victoria realise her dream of participating as a model in a professional photo session.

Ceetrus attaches great importance to supporting children from various regions of Poland. Employees of the company are involved in helping the Mam Marzenie Foundation. They meet with children and their families, and apart from gifts, they also support them with kind words and positive thoughts.  

The Mam Marzenie Foundation was established in Krakow in 2003. Its mission is to fulfill the dreams of children aged 3-18 who suffer from life-threatening diseases. Through its activities, it strives to provide sick children and their families with an unforgettable experience that will allow them to forget about suffering for a moment, and bring joy and strength to fight on and be hopeful for the future.

More information on the Mam Marzenie Foundation and its initiatives can be found at