Ceetrus Poland sums up 2019

22 January 2020

The past twelve months have been very busy for Ceetrus Poland. The company began work on new projects in Góraszka and Wilanów, continued the modernization of its shopping centers, extended its portfolio of tenants, and participated in activities for the benefit of local communities. It was also the first year for the company to operate under a new name.

The year 2019 was a time of new challenges for Ceetrus in many areas. The company’s strategy involves creating modern facilities operating according to the principles of social responsibility and undertaking actions aimed at integrating and increasing the activity of local communities.

Modernizing commercial facilities, providing new services and conveniences for customers

In 2019, Ceetrus Poland continued to modernize its shopping centers. It renovated interiors and added modern solutions in the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center, the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center, and the Auchan Kołbaskowo Shopping Center. After the completion of renovation works, these facilities received the Oshopping quality mark, which confirms the high quality of the provided commercial offer, access to various services and new technologies, as well as an extensive event program addressed to various customer groups and a friendly atmosphere at the shopping center. In 2019, Ceetrus also began modernizing the Auchan Wałbrzych Shopping Center. The works are to be completed in 2020.

Ceetrus makes sure that its shopping centers expand their offer of services and introduce new facilities for customers. After teaming up with GreenWay, customers of 14 Auchan Shopping Centers can use electric car chargers. Ceetrus has also partnered with InPost – InPost parcel lockers have been installed in front of 18 shopping facilities.

Along with the modernization of the interiors of its facilities and their surroundings, Ceetrus continues to develop communication channels with its customers. This year, the company launched new websites for 13 facilities, improved communication on social media and introduced digital information carriers to its shopping centers.

New tenants in shopping centers

Ceetrus Poland is consistently expanding the commercial offer of its facilities. Currently, nearly 1230 premises operate in Ceetrus shopping center. In 2019, the commercialization department signed 178 contracts with tenants, whose stores occupy a total of over 24,000 sqm. New stores have been opened by brands such as Sinsay, Carry, Hebe, Empik, Diverse, Home & You, Pepco, KIK, 4F, Monnari, Apart, Vistula, Vision Express, McDonald’s, Berlin Donner Kebab, Hokus Pokus, and Just GYM. Also, a number of new brands have joined the Ceetrus portfolio, including Tom Tailor, Bacca Scrittorini, Silcare, Z dziada pradziada, and Green Cow.

In addition, in layout restructuring was carried out in 11 centers – several commercial premises and common space were combined. This served to create new commercial spaces adapted to market needs and new concepts of tenants.

New investments

In the second half of 2019, Ceetrus announced two new projects. The first of these is the Góraszka Project, which is still open to new investors. Góraszka will be an innovative retail facility with an area of 77 thousand sqm. It will be a premium location for the inhabitants of south-eastern Warsaw for shopping and spending time with family and friends. Wilanów Park is the second new project. It will be a mixed-use facility, combining various functions and spaces, including green areas with facilities with entertainment, restaurants, and stores. The project will include a 2-hectare urban park, a conservatory, service and commercial spaces, a cinema, a hotel, offices and co-working spaces open all year round. Ceetrus wants the local community to be involved in the investment. After the City adopts the Local Spatial Development Plan, the investor will conduct Neighbour Consultations with residents and will create a competition for the development of the park next to the conservatory.

Development in investment area management

In 2019, Ceetrus Poland also focused on developing investment areas located in the vicinity of its shopping centers. Location benefits, as well as the commercial potential resulting from being close to Auchan Shopping Centers, are appreciated by both international brands and locally operating companies. The Silesia Outlet center was constructed in spring in the vicinity of the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center. It has a GLA area of 12,000 sqm. In July, Leroy Merlin announced that it would open a store with an area of 10,000 sqm. at the beginning of 2020 near the Auchan Kołbaskowo Shopping Center.

CSR activities

Ceetrus Poland is dedicated to ensuring sustainable development on many levels and reporting its activities. All investments planned and implemented by Ceetrus are in line with current ecological trends. In 2019, the BREEAM-In-Use certificate was extended for the Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Center, the Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Center, Galeria Bronowice, and Galeria Łomianki. Ceetrus is also organizing the “Good Neighbour” program for local communities. It is aimed at improving access to culture and education, expresses concern for the safety and health of visitors, as well as care for our surroundings and the environment. As part of the program, facilities regularly organize various events, meetings and workshops addressed to local communities. Ceetrus Poland also supports the activities of two foundations - Mam Marzenie [I Have a Dream] and Po drugie [Secondly].

Plans for the next year

In 2020, Ceetrus Poland plans to continue the modernization of Auchan shopping centers and the development of new projects in Wilanów and Góraszka. Due to the importance of environmental actions in the company’s strategy, Ceetrus Poland will apply for BREEAM-In-Use certificates for further facilities. Ceetrus is also a strategic partner of the Eco-City project, which aims to promote the idea of sustainable urban space development.