Ceetrus Poland supports local organizations and medical institutions in the #goodneighbor campaign

29 May 2020

Ceetrus Poland has been implementing the #goodneighbor campaign, which is part of the company’s CSR strategy, in its shopping centers for 8 years. Through various activities, Ceetrus cultivates relationships with the community and supports local initiatives. During the coronavirus pandemic, activities for those most in need are especially important, that’s why Ceetrus carried out over 20 local initiatives in its shopping centers.

– The last few weeks have been a time requiring us to be attentive to the needs of others, to care for those in need, and to show solidarity. That is why at Ceetrus Poland we decided to start various initiatives that would support our neighbours, i.e. local communities and institutions helping them on a daily basis – says Agnieszka Gutowska, Marketing Director,  Leader of Communication, CSR and iInnovation at Ceetrus Poland.

Supporting local organizations helping those in need

As part of the nationwide #goodneighbor campaign, Ceetrus managers had contacted organizations and facilities to help those most in need, and then provided these institutions with necessary medical products and equipment. Among the institutions which received help were municipal and communal social welfare centers, rehabilitation and assistance centers for the disabled, social assistance homes, as well as local “Visible Hand” initiatives.
Auchan Shopping Centers in Gdańsk, Rumia, Bielany Wrocławskie and Piaseczno also encourage their customers to participate in fundraisers which are part of the #goodneighbor campaign. In Pomorze, visitors can donate essential items to the Saint Pio Puck Hospice, while the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center is collecting donations for the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Kobierzyce. The Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center in cooperation with the Piaseczno City Council organized the “Donate a laptop to children” campaign, supplying students from Piaseczno from families with many children or those with the lowest incomes with laptops.

Thank you to healthcare professionals

Auchan Shopping Centers would like to thank hospitals and medical staff for enduring the daily hardships they face each day. That is why, as part of the #goodneighbor campaign, facility managers donate medical equipment, household appliances and food products to hospitals in Śląsk, Białystok, Rzeszów and Poznań.
Auchan shopping centers in Katowice, Mikołów, Poczesna and Bielsko-Biała invited customers and tenants to participate in the #creamsformedics campaign. This initiative collects hand care creams that will be donated to employees of the MEGREZ Hospital in Tychy. Volunteers can also take part in the “Card for a medic” competition on the profile of our shopping centers on Facebook. The initiative will continue until the end of May.

We support honorary blood donations

Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Centers are calling for blood donations. Therefore, in cooperation with these institutions, ambulances appeared in front of Galeria Łomianki, as well as Auchan Shopping Centers in Bielsko-Biała, Katowice and Mikołów. Customers could donate blood safely and support replenishing the blood supply to help save the health and life of patients in need. In addition, blood donors who visited the RCKiK branch offices in Sosnowiec and Gliwice received sweet gifts from Auchan Shopping Centers.

We help animals

The Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Center, apart from supporting hospital facilities, also organized a charity event for the animal foundation “One heart is not enough”. It is a well-known organization from Podlasie which saves homeless and suffering animals, conducts sterilization, educational campaigns, and looks for new homes for animals. Customers could place food and accessories for dogs and cats (leashes, collars, suspenders) in a container in the shopping arcade. The container quickly filled up and the gifts have been donated to the foundation.