Ceetrus Poland’s portfolio of commercialized facilities has grown to 55

04 March 2020

Ceetrus Poland is strengthening its position on the commercial property rental market. Thanks to the agreement which the company signed with Auchan Poland at the end of 2019, the portfolio of facilities in which Ceetrus is responsible for the commercialization of commercial space and the management of lease agreements has increased to 55 facilities.

Ceetrus Poland manages and is responsible for the commercialization of 22 Auchan shopping centers as well as Galeria Bronowice and Galeria Łomianki. The commercialization of shopping centers and the management of lease agreements have been key areas of Ceetrus Poland’s operations since the beginning of its activity on the Polish market. The company is consistently increasing its competences in this area.

Based on the cooperation agreement with Auchan Poland, in September 2016 Ceetrus’ portfolio of commercial spaces expanded by 16 locations, including the Auchan hypermarket (formerly Real). In November 2019, another 15 shopping centers with the Auchan hypermarket located in 12 cities in central and southern Poland were added to the group. Ceetrus currently manages leases of approximately 625 premises in shopping arcades in 31 locations, and their total GLA leasable area is over 53,000 sqm.
Marcin Matysiak, Joanna Madeńska-Szestakowska and Ewelina Rolak from the Ceetrus commercialization department are responsible for supporting the tenants of the above-mentioned facilities.

- The new facilities commercialized by Ceetrus are mostly located in city centers, in the vicinity of housing estates. Their advantage is high customer interest and popularity. These are important features for tenants who, thanks to their cooperation with Ceetrus, can benefit from the effect of scale and develop their operations in completely new locations throughout the country – says Marcin Matysiak, senior commercialization manager at Ceetrus Poland.

In 31 commercial facilities with the Auchan hypermarket, there are several to over a dozen premises. Among them are both retail and service outlets, as well as tenants offering apparel and accessories.

- A team of specialists from the Ceetrus commercialization department will ensure that the portfolio of tenants is increasingly diverse, and thus that the commercial facilities will systematically strengthen their position on the local market – says Ewelina Rolak, junior commercialization manager at Ceetrus Poland.