Ceetrus Polska supports the "Green ribbon for the planet" campaign

03 June 2020

Ceetrus Polska bases its sustainable development strategy on two key assumptions - C- and T + carbon neutral and territory positive.

Activities for the environment

As part of activities in the field of Carbon Neutral C-, i.e. reduction of produced carbon dioxide, Ceetrus undertakes to reduce the carbon footprint produced by both the company’s facilities and employees, and also limits the consumption of utilities. The company also cares about the biodiversity of areas around commercial facilities and adapts them to local ecosystems. In cooperation with environmentalists, it plants various species of shrubs, trees and grasses. In the areas surrounding shopping centers there are also marked out routes for birds, installed hotels for pollinating insects and birdhouses. In the shopping centers and galleries managed by the company, a number of campaigns and events for clients that promote an ecological lifestyle take place.

The green ribbon for the planet

The company is also involved in important initiatives to halt climate change. That is why she joined the partners of this year’s “The Green Ribbon for the Planet” campaign organized by the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center, which implements the mission of the United Nations Environment Program in Poland. The campaign will be accompanied by an online debate entitled “The wealth of nature - necessity not luxury”, which will start on June, 5th at 9:00 on  
Biodiversity is the topic around which the theme of this year’s global celebration of World Environment Day and the #DlaPlanety campaign is focused.

For the biodiversity

Ceetrus supports “The Green Ribbon for the Planet” campaign by using its online channels to promote ecologically responsible shopping centers with customers and everyday activities to increase biodiversity in our environment. Materials on shopping centers’ websites and social media will show how each of us can care for the environment.

Additionally, on digital media in Auchan Shopping Centers in Białystok, Bielany Wrocławskie, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gliwice and Kołbaskowo, as well as in Galeria Bronowice in Kraków and Galeria Łomianki near Warsaw, visitors will be able to see specially realized companies. During it letter by letter, words disappear, which in public discussion are reserved for nature and endangered species. This disappearance of words also symbolizes the disappearance of concepts and values ​​from the ongoing social, economic and political discourse and indicates the urgent need to reintroduce them to these spheres.