Ceetrus strenghtens its governance and management bodies

08 July 2020

Antoine Grolin, 44 years old, has been named Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ceetrus, a global real estate specialist. He will be a driving force in the effort to make Ceetrus a major player in the transformation of cities worldwide. At his side, Benoît Lheureux, CEO of Ceetrus, will continue to steer the company’s strategy and project schedule.

Since taking office, Antoine Grolin has ensured a gradual and safe exit from the ongoing health crisis for all of Ceetrus’ employees, customers and partners.

Together with the CEO, Antoine Grolin will contribute to accelerating the transformation of real estate activities and operating procedures at Ceetrus, with a view to developing cities that are more resilient, more ecological, more mixed and more connected, designed in a concerted way to fulfil their various roles (housing, shops, services, entertainment).
Antoine Grolin is an expert in real estate and urban development issues. He started his career with the international group Bouygues Construction. He joined Groupe Projex in 2003, where he later became Managing Director. In 2017, he founded NODI, an AMF company focused on the development of urban areas into mixed-use community hubs.

His appointment is supported by a new European organisation into countries, so that Ceetrus stays as close as possible to the needs of its projects’ local partners:

    • Ada Walentek, General Manager of Ceetrus Poland
    • Benoît Lheureux, Acting General Manager of Ceetrus Hungary
    • Hervé Croq, General Manager of Ceetrus France
    • Marco Balducci, General Manager of Ceetrus Italy oraz Ceetrus Ukraine
    • Manuel Teba, General Manager of Ceetrus Spain
    • Matteo Perino, General Manager of Ceetrus Luxembourg
    • Séverine Bodard, General Manager of Ceetrus Portugal
    • Tatian Diaconu, General Manager of Ceetrus Romania
    • Thierry Leconte, General Manager of Ceetrus Russia

“I am very happy to be joining Ceetrus. My arrival and this more hands-on organisation are both part of an ambitious project that will intensify our momentum and growth. As we begin to exit the global health crisis, our primary responsibility is to contribute to the advent of the cities of tomorrow: more sustainable and more connected cities, made up above all of local links, in which business and retail - in a renewed format - will have its place. We need to design, manage and stimulate differently, constantly innovating to transform and develop neighbourhoods, cities, territories and our businesses” -  explained Antoine Grolin, Chairman of the Ceetrus Board of Directors.