The Auchan Produkcyjna Shopping Center - now with a more friendly and comfortable interior

05 December 2018

Ceetrus Poland has completed the modernisation of the Auchan Produkcyjna Shopping Centre in Białystok and opened to customers the renovated area. The facility also gained a new visual identity and marking system.

Renovation works carried out from the end of July 2018 included shopping arcades, a restaurant area, a playground and restrooms. Customers now have more places where they can spend time with their loved ones, as well as work comfortably. Thanks to the new colours, elements of small architecture and LED lighting, the interior of Auchan Produkcyjna Shopping Center has become more bright and modern.

The restaurant are is one of the highlights among the renovated areas. Thanks to the use of low walls and steel elements with glazing, it has been separated from the public space. The new arrangement provides peace and quiet during meals and meetings, and the lush greenery enlivens the interior and gives the area a friendly atmosphere. A new playground with colourful toys for children will soon be opened.

The renovated Auchan Produkcyjna Shopping Center will be another facility in the Ceetrus Poland portfolio with the Oshopping quality mark. The shopping centre has a new visual identity. A new indoor and outdoor system of signs indicates the location of particular zones and common parts to customers.