Together with UNEP/GRID for the climate

31 August 2021

Our company has become the strategic partner of the prestigious event, entitled “CULTURE, NATURE, FUTURE”, organized by UNEP/GRID Center Warsaw to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The event which will take place on September, 16 at Wilanów Palace will initiate a discussion on the prospects for the changing world and encourage the business community to take action for the benefit of future generations.

The representatives of Nhood Polska - a company that provides services to Ceetrus - will take part in the discussions planned as part of the event, as well as make climate commitments that the company wants to implement by 2030.

– In business activities of Nhood Polska, we follow the principle of the triple positive impact on local communities, the environment and the economy: People, Planet, Profit. While working on new mixed-use investments, we make sure that they are built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we reduce our carbon footprint, and we conduct campaigns for environmental education – says Ada Walentek, general manager of Nhood Polska and Ceetrus Polska. – We are aware that business can do a lot to shape climate policy, both on a local and global scale. Therefore, for several years we have been actively involved in initiatives implemented by UNEP / GRID and join the group of companies that have signed climate commitments to be implemented by 2030 - adds Ada Walentek.

The event entitled “CULTURE, NATURE, FUTURE” will be finished by ceremonious evening meeting, which will be the great opportunity for networking and exchange of views between representatives of various environments, including public administration, embassies, business and authorities involved in environmental protection. Representatives of Nhood Polska will take part in this event and meet guests in the company’s zone to exchange opinions or present projects that are in line with the idea of sustainable development. One of them is the mixed-use Wilanów Park investment planned in the vicinity the venue of the event. The project is being carried out by Morelia Wilanów, owned by Ceetrus Polska.

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