Wilanów Park – a contest for the development of a city park design

18 November 2020

On November 16, Ceetrus Poland announced a contest for the design of a park that is an integral part of Wilanów Park – a mixed-use investment planned in Warsaw.

The project will include – apart from a 2-hectare urban park – a conservatory open also on Sundays, service and commercial spaces, a cinema, a hotel, offices and co-working spaces. The suggestions of the local residents regarding the park – collected during the Neighbor Consultations carried out by Ceetrus – constitute guidelines for architects and designers. The contest is organized jointly with the Warsaw Branch of SARP.

We invited the community of Wilanów to jointly develop the concept of a new green recreation area to meet local expectations. In the group of residents, community workers, councilors and representatives of the local government, we discussed and clarified the expectations regarding the over 2-hectare urban park. Now we are passing on these guidelines to architects and designers – says Maciej Wydrzyński, project manager at Ceetrus Poland.

An interesting challenge for the studio will be to design a city park, coherent with the mixed-use investment with a conservatory open all year round. We cordially invite studios and designers to participate in the contest and we are hoping for great interest. This is a unique project – it will be the first and only urban park in Warsaw completed entirely by a private investor – emphasizes Maciej Wydrzyński.

The contest for the concept of an urban park in Wilanów, organized by Ceetrus and the Warsaw Branch of SARP is a development contest, non-anonymous, conducted in the so-called Flemish formula, and includes the pre-qualification phase of candidates (Stage I), followed by the workshop phase and selection of the best entries (Stage II). The main goal is to obtain the best architectural, spatial, functional and functional concept of an over 2-hectare urban park that is an integral part of the Wilanów Park investment.

The winner of the contest is scheduled to be chosen in the spring of 2021. Details of the contest are available at and at