Wilanów Park – a friendly, multi-functional space in Wilanów

04 December 2019

On December 3, the Wilanów Park project was presented at the Wilanów District Office. This is a new investment located at the intersection of ul. Przyczółkowa, ul. Uprawna, al. Rzeczpospolita and ul. Karuzela, which will be implemented by Ceetrus Poland. In addition to the over 2-hectare urban park, there will be a conservatory, service and commercial spaces, a cinema, a hotel, offices and co-working space open all year round. After the City adopts the Local Spatial Development Plan, the investor will conduct Neighbour Consultations with residents and will create a competition for the development of the park next to the conservatory. The investor plans for the construction of Wilanów Park to begin within the next two years and last for another two.

Wilanów Park is to be a mixed-use investment – a new generation space which combines various functions, including green areas with entertainment, gastronomy, and commercial functions. The idea of the Wilanów Park project is to create a place which provides the residents of Wilanów and the surrounding areas with a multifunctional space. In addition to the conservatory and restaurants, a cinema, and office and service areas, there will also be local initiatives and events dedicated to seniors. The investment will feature sustainable solutions reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving local rainwater retention, and ensuring biodiversity. The project provides for solutions promoting sustainable mobility, including a city bike station and a cargo-bike station.

“The most important function of Wilanów Park is its social dimension. It will be in line with what the inhabitants of Wilanów expect – a place for spending time with the family. It is a response to the needs of local residents, while being an attractive space for the citizens of Warsaw, and the design plans are the result of our dialogue with the community. The key conclusion of the talks with the residents was the need for more functions in the park. We came up with the idea for a conservatory integrated with the green space, which will be available throughout the year” – says Andre Decroix, Director of Development and Investment at Ceetrus Poland.

“Wilanów Park will become an integral part of the district and will allow the local community to develop and use the park’s commercial and cultural functions. In our projects, we always strive to support local activities, connect people around the newly emerging place, and thus improve the quality of life in the area” – emphasizes Maciej Wydrzyński, head of the project.

During the Neighbour Consultations organized in previous years regarding the development of areas for the Wilanów Park investment, the greatest need reported by the residents of Wilanów was the creation of green areas for active leisure. The inhabitants of Wilanów also wanted an intergenerational, environmentally-friendly place created in cooperation with the local community. The Wilanów Park investment involves the creation of an urban park. The park and green areas will constitute over 40% of the entire investment area. The green space with the year-round conservatory will provide many opportunities for the residents of Wilanów and Warsaw, such as a social garden, city sports, and the organization of local neighbourhood events. The investment will feature many state-of-the-art environmental solutions, such as solar panels, rainwater retention (which will flow into a reservoir that will enrich the park’s landscape), and space for hives on the roofs of buildings. Trees are going to be planted directly in the ground, without a garage underneath. Flower meadows and various types of plant species, including fruit trees, will positively affect biodiversity.

The area of the planned Wilanów Park investment covers an area of over 7 ha, of which 3 ha will constitute a park and publicly available spaces surrounding the investment. A year-round conservatory building will create a coherent green complex with the park. Commercial functions will cover less than 50% of the area. The rest of the space is provided for restaurants, entertainment, office and co-working spaces, and a hotel.

“A unique element of our project will be space for the activities of local residents, a so-called citizen-hub. This is an idea we implement in all our new investments, e.g. in Lyon and Bucharest. A place to organise meetings with neighbours, training courses, social initiatives, and a co-working zone. Continuous dialogue with the local community is important to us, that’s why we plan to organise urban workshops as part of the further stages of the project” says Daniel Piotrowski, urban planner at Ceetrus Poland.

The project’s great advantage is that the area is separated from the S2 route, which will create a friendly and traffic-free space. After the adoption of the local land development plan, the next installment of Neighbour Consultations will be held and a competition will be announced for the development of the park’s space and the surroundings of the investment, which will be organised jointly with SARP. Ideas for the park gathered during the Neighbour Consultations will help in creating guidelines for architects and designers.