Wilanów Park – residents of the district may submit ideas for the development of a city park

21 September 2020

The idea behind the Wilanów Park project – located at the intersection of St. Przyczółkowa, St. Prawna, al. Rzeczypospolitej, and St. Karuzela – is to create a place which provides the residents of Wilanów and the surrounding areas with a multifunctional space. In addition to the conservatory (open also on Sundays) and restaurants, a cinema, and office and service areas, there will also be local initiatives and events dedicated to seniors. The green area of over 2 hectares, an integral part of the investment, will become the first and only public park in Warsaw built entirely by a private investor.

- The Neighbor Talks, i.e. participatory design with the involvement of residents, is one of the key stages of the Wilanów Park investment. The residents of Wilanów will soon be able to submit their ideas and suggestions related to green areas, as well as the conservatory, so that Wilanów Park will meet their needs by combining cultural, social, food service and commercial functions – says Maciej Wydrzyński, Project Manager at Ceetrus.

The adoption of the local spatial development plan has enabled the creation of a detailed vision of the planned Wilanów Park investment, as well as participatory design with the involvement of residents, social activists and representatives of the local government in the framework of Neighbor Consultations. The submitted ideas will be included in the guidelines for the competition for the design of the park and its surroundings, which will be organized jointly with SARP (The Association of Polish Architects).

Neighbor Consultations is a series of meetings and discussions about the new green area in Wilanów, which will be an integral part of the Wilanów Park investment. Residents, community activists, councilors, representatives of the local government and all stakeholders will discuss and clarify their expectations regarding the over 2-hectare city park. The discussions will take place at consultation points organised in several frequently visited points in the district.

Schedule of Neighbor Consultations:

    • Opening meeting: September 22 (Tuesday), 5:00 pm, Wilanów District Office (auditorium)
    • Consultation point: September 26 (Saturday), 11:00 am - 5:00 pm, the intersection of Oś Królewska - Aleja Rzeczypospolitej (in front of the entrance to the Alto building)
    • Consultation point: September 27 (Sunday), 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, the intersection of ul. Prymasa August Hlonda - Aleja Rzeczypospolitej (by the fountains)
    • Consultation point: September 28 (Monday), 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, the square in front of the Wilanów District Office
    • Final meeting: October 22 (Thursday), 5:00 pm, online

Neighbor Consultations will be conducted by A2P2 Architecture & Planning, which specializes in participatory processes, urban design, and pre-design consulting.

- We usually perform similar tasks for public entities. This time we were approached by a private investor, for whom the voice of the residents is crucial for establishing the program details of the planned park. This is essential for the park to become a popular place for relaxation and socialising, meeting the expectations of Wilanów residents – says Dr. Monika Arczyńska, Director of A2P2.

Wilanów Park is a mixed-use investment – a space which combines various functions, including green areas with entertainment, food services, and commercial functions. Apart from a 2-hectare urban park, the project will feature a conservatory open also on Sundays, service and commercial spaces, a cinema, a hotel, offices and co-working spaces. The investment will feature sustainable solutions reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving local rainwater retention, and ensuring biodiversity. The project provides for solutions promoting sustainable mobility, including a city bike station and a cargo-bike station. Specialists from BEG Ingenierie Poland and the MTDI Group are working on a detailed design of Wilanów Park to give the final shape of the vision.