Wilanów Park – through the eyes of the residents

23 October 2020

A place for everyday meetings with family and friends, lush greenery, rain gardens, and a space for relaxation and cultural events are some of the ideas of Wilanów residents for the development of green areas in the Warsaw Wilanów Park investment planned by Ceetrus Poland.

The local spatial development plan allows for a detailed concept of the mixed-use investment of Wilanów Park and the implementation of participatory design with the involvement of the community. Since September 22, residents of the Wilanów district have participated in a series of meetings entitled “Neighbor Consultations” and in online surveys, during which they have submitted ideas for the development of a two-hectare park as part of the Wilanów Park investment. It will be the first and so far the only public park in Warsaw developed by a private investor.


Participants of the “Neighbor Consultations” emphasized that they expect the park to be a place accessible to everyone, where it would be possible to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. They expect it to be full of diverse greenery – trees, fields, lawns, and rain gardens. The residents of Wilanów also want the park to maintain a balance between areas for relaxation and active leisure.  


During the “Neighbor Consultations”, residents submitted numerous ideas for the functions of the future park. Most of the participants emphasized that they plan to use it every day or several times a week, and that they intend to get there on foot or by bike. They would like the park to be multifunctional, offer various forms of leisure, and be a venue for cultural events, e.g. evening concerts, meetings, and dances hosted by local cultural and social organizations. In spring and summer, residents would like to see gardens in the park with food services, and in winter, an ice rink, a toboggan run, and a Christmas market. According to the residents, the park should also be a place for walking their pets. As for the conservatory, the participants responded that it should expand the park’s range of functions, e.g. by providing a diverse gastronomic offer.


Conclusions from the “Neighborly Conversations” will be submitted to the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), which will specify guidelines for a competition for the design of the park and the investment’s surroundings.
The “Neighbor Consultations” were conducted by A2P2 Architecture & Planning, which specializes in participatory processes, urban design, and pre-design consulting.


Wilanów Park is a mixed-use investment – a space which combines various functions, including green areas with entertainment, food services, and commercial functions. Apart from a 2-hectare urban park, the project will feature a conservatory open also on Sundays, service and commercial spaces, a cinema, a hotel, offices and co-working spaces. The investment will include sustainable solutions reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving local rainwater retention, and ensuring biodiversity. The project provides for solutions promoting sustainable mobility, including a city bike station and a cargo-bike station. Specialists from BEG Ingenierie Poland and the MTDI Group are working on a detailed design of Wilanów Park to give the final shape of the vision.